At Stein Home Health Care, we are constantly looking for CNAs and GNAs, LPNs, RNs, and Medication Technicians. You can start the process by applying here, online or at our office located at 3610 Milford Mill Rd. 2nd floor, Baltimore, MD 21244.

You will need to complete or submit the following:

  1. Current State issued ID
  2. Copy of Social Security Card
  3. Copy of your license from the Maryland Board of Nursing (Certificate LOOKUP page)
  4. Current CPR/First Aid
  5. Current PPD result or Negative Chest X-ray report
  6. Current Medical Check
  7. Complete a pre-employment test (CNAs, GNAs & Med Techs only)
  8. Criminal background Check using Stein Home Health Care Form and Number.
  9. Copy of Driver’s License and Car Registration