The following are the answers to frequently asked questions about Stein Home Health Care

  1. What are the services Stein Home Health Care provides?

    Answer: Some of the services our agency provides are skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medication management services, personal care services, companionship and light housekeeping.

  2. How can I sign up for your Home Health Care services?
  3. How do I sign up for the DDA Services?

    Answer: You must be approved by the Developmental Disability Administration (DDA) to receive DDA services from us, including housing, day habitation or employment.

  4. How do I contact the DDA to sign up?

    Answer: If you are disabled, or know someone who is disabled, you could direct them or apply with the DDA by visiting the DDA website at http://dda.dhmh.maryland.gov/Pages/home.aspx.

  5. Do you accept private, self pay or none DDA Clients?

    Answer: Yes, Please call for details.

  6. How do you hire your staff?

    Answer: Stein Home Health Care follows a comprehensive hiring process to ensure that we can get a qualified staff. We also verify his/her background information, work experiences and references for us to pool trustworthy and dedicated health care providers.

    If you have questions, let us answer! Please contact us today at 443-405-7436 or send an online inquiry.

  7. Do you provided service, or care for people with Developmental Disabilities?

    Answer: Yes.